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The Team, The Team, The Team - Introducing The Foundry Financial

| January 23, 2019

For those of you who love the maize and blue like we do - this headline needs no explanation.  For the rest of you, consider it a great jumping off point for the introduction of our newly branded team - The Foundry Financial.


Many of you are familiar with us working under the name of Lucido Morris Wealth Management, currently known as LFG of Michigan.  Nothing has changed there, we are still a part of this organization.  But as Bryndon began to build his team, and as our team continues to rigorously educate ourselves and our clients, we wanted to create a brand that would highlight our mission.  A mission to provide equanimity to our clients; a calmness around their finances through the good times and the most distressing times.  Out of this mission The Foundry Financial LLC was born.


To our current and future clients - we look forward to a lifetime of work together.  Expect great things to come from the Foundry! 


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